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The game Marvel Contest of Champions was developed by Kabam, this game is a free to play online mobile game and was released on 10th December 2014. This game is based on marvel comics and is set on the marvel universe with all the different kinds of marvel super heroes.

Here in this game, you will have to assemble, collect and manage a team of villains and superheroes as you go on completing the quests until you finally defeat Kang and stop the destruction of marvel universe. There are six different classes of heroes Mutant, Skill, Science, Technology, Mystic and Cosmic. All of the heroes are from the comic books and their classes are also the same, for example; mutant hero wolverine, skill hero Hawkeye, technology hero Ironman and so on.

In this game like all other, you will have earn gems, gold and also energy without which you will not be able to advance in the game. The game is quiet simple but earning all those gems, gold and crystal gems is going to take some effort which in turn makes the game very difficult to move forward. Finding and earning gems, crystals will help you get higher ranked champions but this is going to take a lot of your time. Many gamers often buy the gold, gems and crystals so as to develop faster. But most gamers have turned towards marvel contest of champions hack to solve this kind of problem and play the game smoothly.

Many gamers have started using the Marvel Contest of Champions hack tool in order to fill in the gold, gems drought. With the help of the hack tool, they are able to complete quests at some good speed unlike when you have to do many quests to earn some few gold or gems. The cheat codes have made the gaming experience to a new level with more and more people starting to play the game.